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WR Royale will be removed from War Robots Game

Posted: Wed Jan 16, 2019 12:38 am
by Galahad
WR Royale will be removed from War Robots
WR Royale Tokens are already removed from Battle Rewards as of WAR ROBOTS Update 4.6.
Developers are planning to remove WR Royale in one of the future versions.

Pixonic Developers Commentary:
WR Royale was created as a way to farm Components before the new Workshop arrived. Now with the Workshop in place, WR Royale on its own became more or less redundant. We kept tuning it over the last months but eventually decided that War Robots doesn't need it anymore. Our plan right now is to gradually phase WR Royale away before combining it together with Black Market in a new, more cohesive and fun mechanic. Stay tuned.