Leech - War Robots

New Robots from Pixonic, developer of the War Robots Game
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Leech - War Robots

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Robot Leech from War Robots Game

War Robots is a multiplayer online game that features 6v6 battles with giant robots. The game is developed by Pixonic and UPWAKE.ME, and it has over 150 million downloads on various platforms. One of the robots that players can use in the game is Leech, a high-tech robot with serious firepower. Though Leech may seem fragile at first glance, it possesses a unique protection system designed by EvoLife engineers: the robot absorbs incoming damage and redirects it to the enemy. Leech is developed by the EvoLife corporation, and it has four medium hardpoints.

Ability of Leech
Leech’s ability is called Repulse. When activated, Leech activates its defense system and absorbs most of the damage. If there is an enemy in the robot’s sights, Leech establishes a connection with it and redirects part of the incoming damage to it.

The Repulse ability grants Leech 90% damage reduction and redirects 35% of received damage to any enemy within 500 meters it “links” for the duration of the 9-second ability. If the enemy “linked” dies or moves outside of the 500 meter range, the link can be redirected onto separate enemies after a 1-second delay. Line-of-sight, obstacles (including shields), stealth, and distance (after the initial 500-meter linking range) do not affect an established link.

The Repulse ability makes Leech a very effective robot that can deal high damage and protect itself from enemy fire at close range. The ability also allows Leech to punish enemies for attacking it or its allies.

Strategy of Leech
Leech is a medium robot with four medium hardpoints. This means that it can equip a variety of weapons to suit different ranges and playstyles. Some of the popular weapon combinations for Leech are:

Ember and Blaze: These are flamethrowers that deal continuous damage and have a chance to ignite the enemy. They are effective at close range and can bypass physical shields.
Nucleon and Quarker: These are energy weapons that deal more damage as they fire continuously. They are effective at mid-long range and can bypass energy shields.
Glacier and Rime: These are rocket launchers that deal high burst damage and have a chance to freeze the enemy. They are effective at close range and can break physical shields.
The best way to use Leech is to time its ability wisely and take advantage of its damage reduction and redirection. Leech should avoid exposing itself to enemy fire when its ability is on cooldown or when its link is broken, as it has low durability and no other defensive mechanisms. Leech should also avoid engaging enemies at long range, as it is slow and vulnerable.

A good strategy for Leech is to activate its ability when there is an enemy in sight and fire its weapons at them, especially those with low health or weak defenses. Leech can also use its ability defensively, to protect itself or its allies from enemy fire or to escape from danger.

Leech Threat Measure
Leech is one of the most effective robots in War Robots, as it can activate its defense system and absorb most of the damage, while redirecting part of it to an enemy in sight. However, Leech is not invincible, and it has some weaknesses that can be exploited by smart enemies.

Some of the ways to counter Leech are:

Use stealth detection or quantum radar modules to reveal its location and target it.
Use weapons or abilities that can bypass or break its link, such as rockets, flamethrowers, Titans’ weapons, or Arthur’s Blast Wave.
Use weapons or abilities that can disable or reduce its firepower or mobility, such as EMP, suppression, lockdown, or corrosion.
Use teamwork and coordination to focus fire on Leech when its ability is on cooldown or when it is outnumbered.

Counterplay Leech
Leech is a very effective robot that can deal high damage and protect itself from enemy fire at close range with its defense system and link. However, there are some robots that can counter Leech effectively, either by using their own abilities or by using their weapons. The table below shows some of the robots that can counter Leech in different ways.

Scorpion can teleport behind Leech and freeze it with its rockets, preventing it from using its ability or escaping.
Hawk can fly above Leech and damage it with its beam, bypassing its defense system and link.
Shell can charge at Leech and detonate its explosive shield, breaking its defense system and freezing it.
Typhon can disable Leech’s ability and weapons with its Blackout 2.0, and suppress it with its machine guns.
Orochi can stealthily approach Leech and ignite it with its flamethrowers, bypassing its defense system and link.

The total upgrade cost of Leech from level 1 to level 12 is 198.7 million Ag
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