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Skyros - War Robots

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Skyros: The Transforming Saboteur of War Robots

Skyros is a medium robot that can transform into a ball for increased mobility and defense. In this article, we will explore the ability, strategy, threat measure and counterplay of Skyros.

Ability of Skyros
Skyros’s ability is called Metamorphosis. Upon activation, Skyros toggles its mode. In Ball Mode, Skyros has 85% damage resistance and gains a 100% speed boost at the cost of losing all of its weapons and de-activating its Aegis shield. Its Aegis shield can regenerate while in this mode. An added bonus is that Skyros gains massively increased momentum, therefore allowing it to push enemies back (and possibly into an environmental hazard).

While in Attack Mode, Skyros turns back into a spider robot, unfolds all weapons and deploys its Aegis shield, which stops regenerating. The ability takes 2.5 seconds to change into Ball Mode and 1.8 seconds to turn into Attack Mode.

Skyros has a ‘streamlined’ Aegis shield that blocks all damage types (with the exception of robots using the Shieldbreaker). Unlike typical Aegis shields, the streamlined model defends only Skyros itself, so it cannot protect allies but cannot be bypassed by walking through it12.

Strategy of Skyros
Skyros is a robot with moderate durability and firepower, it can function similarly to a Loki, with a primary focus on taking beacons. Its high damage resistance acts as a stand-in compared to Loki’s stealth. Skyros can use its Ball Mode to quickly reach key locations or escape from danger. It can also use its momentum to knock enemies off balance or into hazards.

However, Skyros has some drawbacks that limit its effectiveness. Its Ball Mode disables its weapons and shield, making it vulnerable to grey damage (damage that bypasses resistance), such as from Titans or drones. Its Attack Mode has a long activation time, making it susceptible to enemy fire before it can deploy its shield or weapons. Its streamlined Aegis shield does not cover its entire body, leaving some parts exposed to enemy fire.

Therefore, Skyros players should be careful when choosing when and where to transform. They should also use cover and terrain to their advantage and avoid exposing their weak spots to enemy fire. Skyros works best with weapons that have high burst damage and short reload time, such as Devastator/Scatter/Havoc or Thunder/Punisher/Punisher12.

Skyros can also be used as a support robot, using its Ball Mode to assist allies in need or distract enemies. However, Skyros should not be used as a frontline brawler or a tanky robot, as it lacks sustained durability and firepower.

Skyros Threat Measure
Skyros is a medium threat robot that can pose a challenge to some enemies. Its transformation ability allows it to adapt to different situations and surprise enemies. Its high resistance and Aegis shield make it hard to kill while in Ball Mode or Attack Mode respectively. Its momentum also gives it some offensive potential.

However, Skyros is not very powerful and has some weaknesses that can be exploited by smart enemies. Its transformation ability has a long cooldown and activation time, making it vulnerable during transitions. Its resistance does not protect it from grey damage, which can bypass its defense entirely. Its Aegis shield does not cover its whole body, leaving some parts exposed.

Therefore, Skyros’s threat level depends on several factors, such as:

The number of enemies it faces
The type of weapons they use
The availability of cover and terrain
The presence of allies or enemies with grey damage sources
The timing and positioning of its transformation

Counterplay Skyros
Skyros can be countered by several strategies and tactics that can reduce its effectiveness or even kill it. Some of these are:

Using grey damage sources: Titans, drones or weapons like Nucleon or Quarker can deal grey damage that bypasses Skyros’s resistance and Aegis shield.
Using splash damage: Splash damage can hit Skyros behind its shield or even when it transforms.
Using lockdown or suppression: Lockdown or suppression can prevent Skyros from transforming or using its weapons, making it vulnerable to enemy fire.
Using stealth or phase shift: Stealth or phase shift can make Skyros lose its lock-on and waste its ability or transform to a wrong location.
Using teamwork: Teamwork can overwhelm Skyros with multiple enemies or support allies with healing or defense.
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