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War Robots Version History for iOS - iPhone, iPad и iPod touch

Posted: Wed Jan 16, 2019 12:01 am
by robot1
War Robots Version History

Dec 17, 2018
- Modules. Augment your playstyle with new powers!
- Various optimization tweaks
- Minor bug fixes

Nov 28, 2018
- Christmas and New Year event and special rewards
- New Robots: Pantheon. Feel the wrath of gods!
- New Workshop feature: Components conversion.
- New Mode selection screen. Better, smoother.
- Special winter paint jobs! Collect them all!
- Various optimization tweaks
- Minor bug fixes

Oct 24, 2018
- New mechanic: Damage over Time effect. Tick tack!
- New weapons: Sting, Viper and Wasp. Burn your way through the battlefield!
- New map: Castle. Battle within medieval walls!
- New special paint jobs! Get them while they're hot!
- Various optimization tweaks
- Minor bug fixes

Oct 4, 2018
- Minor bug fixes

Sep 26, 2018
- New robots: Rayker, Blitz and Invader. Suppress and dismantle!
- New mechanic: Suppression. Shut down enemy weapons for a short duration
- New armory interface: improved weapon sorting and item descriptions
- Visual redesign: Punisher, Orkan, Thunder
- New paint jobs for Mender, Weyland, Bulwark, Strider and Raven
- Major robot & weapon rebalance — more power, more speed!
- Various optimization tweaks
- Minor bug fixes

Aug 30, 2018
- Introducing: WORKSHOP 2.0. Build new robots and weapons the way you want, whenever you want!
- Weapons Halo, Corona, Glory: new shotguns with lock-down effect!
- New feature: clan ranks. Play with your clanmates, rise to the top and get sweet rewards!
- Battle Rewards changes: Halo in Bronze, Glory in Silver, Pursuer in Gold and Corona in Champion. Boosters appear in Gold and higher-tier Battle Rewards.
- Various optimization tweaks
- Minor bug fixes

Jul 30, 2018
Introducing: weapons with Lock-down effect. SHREDDER & PULSAR — stop the enemies from moving!
Redesign: Leo has got a new model!
What else:
- Kang Dae rebalanced: shorter distance, faster reload
- Fixed: Plasma weapons (Taran, Redeemer) effectiveness in hitting the target
- Fixed: Weylands don't become invincible at 0 HP anymore
- Various optimization tweaks
- Minor bug fixes

Jun 25, 2018
New Robots: Weyland and Mender! Now you can Repair and Support your teammates!
New Feature: Boosters! Get extended burst of power on the battlefield!
New Map: Rome! Ancient battle arena in WR world!
Weapon Chimera: It's like Spiral, but BIGGER. Lock on!
Weapon Avenger: machine gun for your heavy slot? - no problemo!
New WR Event coming soon! Are you ready for Star Invasion, Pilots? Stay tuned for more info!
What else:
iOS 7.0 won't be supported after 4.0 update.
Weapon balance tweaks

May 28, 2018
Robot Bulwark: combine two types of defensive systems with impenetrable Aegis!
Robot Falcon: I believe I can fly... and destroy my enemy!
Weapon Spark: deal more damage as you approach the enemy!
Weapon Exodus: Orkan Fury? Dreams coming true!
New clan features: find your dream clan!
Battle Rewards now bring twice as much silver!

Apr 26, 2018
Map Carrier: a huge craft floating in the ocean. Beware of water!
Robot Raven: double jump to change direction and avoid attacks!
Weapon Ballista: a medium alternative to popular Trebuchet
Weapon Flux: Gekko's bigger brother. Get ready for a disco party!
Event: War Robots turned 4! Join in for presents and awesome prizes!
Event mode Skirmish: Hangar X in global MM?!
Mode Free-For-All: put your skill to test and be the best!
Royale Tokens: save your gold and spend Tokens instead in WR Royale!

Mar 19, 2018
Battle Rewards: gain Honor Points and open Containers with resources inside!
Balance changes:
Shocktrain: number of charges 5->7, damage per charge slightly decreased. Fully charged deals same damage as before.
Scourge: damage dealt at 400m to target (100%) unchanged. Max damage (closer than 400m) 170%->250%, min damage (further than 400m) 50%->25%
Redeemer: rate of fire increased, damage slightly decreased, number of shots 10->12
Molot, Gust, Storm: damage +10%
New weapons: Ion, Thermite
New robots: Pursuer, Mercury, Hellburner

Feb 5, 2018
Supply Line: collect FREE Drops with Components, Silver and Keys every day!
New battle mode King of the Hill: top priority — beacons. Cooperate with teammates and outsmart your opponents!
Hangar Deck X: addition to Custom Games.
WR team will regularly provide all pilots with a fully equipped additional hangar deck! Try out robots and weapons you don't have yet, compete on equal ground and prove your skill!
Lunar New Year is coming!
Join the event to collect bonus Gold! Complete special tasks to collect Components for such weapons as Storm, Gust AND Redeemer! Final prize — Haechi! Subscribe to War Robots official YouTube to stay informed.
New festive paint jobs for Dash robots
New robots: Spectre & Strider
New weapons: Vortex, Dragoon & Arbalest
iPhone X screen support

Dec 25, 2017
Merry Christmas and Happy New Year! Hangars and maps are decorated for the holiday season! Special task chain begins on Dec 22nd 9AM UTC — get 2 Storms and Hover!
Team Deathmatch is back! More covers and deployment points on each map — every battle is unpredictable and exciting! TDM is separated from other modes and we're looking forward to your feedback.
Gust: compact but deadly
Redeemer: bringing in the heavy guns
Redesign: Boa gets a new model!

Nov 28, 2017
Hangar Decks: open up to 5 hangars to be ready for any situation! This feature is coming SOON!
New map Dreadnought: experience indoors fights for the first time!
New robot Hover: glide above the battlefield
New medium weapon Storm: a shotgun for your Griffin
Main hangar UI rehashed a bit for better element placement
Coming soon: War Robots Christmas event! From December 5th till January 8th complete special tasks! Rewards include Shocktrain, Bulgasari, Storm and Hover!
Balance changes:
Haechi: speed -5%, shield capacity -10%
Shocktrain: damage -50% after each hit (was -35%)
Damage +5%: Molot, Tempest, Scourge
Damage -5%: Hydra
Ember can't shoot through obstacles anymore
Beacon Rush: deployment points near central beacon on Yamantau relocated

Oct 23, 2017
— Event starts on Oct 26th 07:00 UTC and will continue till Nov 13th 07:00 UTC.
— Earn additional Gold in each battle!
— Complete special tasks to get 2 Scourge weapons and Kumiho!
— Get new Halloween paintjobs for Leo, Natasha, Galahad, Rogatka and Raijin!
"Team Deathmatch: no beacons — just shooting!
Please note that this mode is available temporarily at first. Share your feedback about TDM!"
Item Enhancement: upgrade your hangar to Mk2! Attention! This feature will be enabled later in order to avoid technical issues.
Shocktrain: new medium weapon with new mechanics!
What else:
New frequent offers with Components available for Workshop points and Gold
Back to basics: medium Punisher and Molot get T designation back
Firing controls improved

Oct 3, 2017
Custom Games (available from level 10): now you can challenge other players to run 1vs1 or train with your clanmates! ATTENTION! This feature will be enabled a few days after the update — follow the news!
New weapon Ember: a heavy flamethrower to melt down some metal
New robot Inquisitor: death from above
Components: collect them and exchange for new weapons and robots!
What else:
Black Market changes: Components are added to the pool, items with a small drop chance are removed

Aug 31, 2017
New map: Valley — a peaceful view or a land of discord? Read more on
New Dash robots: Kumiho, Haechi and Bulgasari are joining the fight!
Weapons: new medium weapon Scourge and heavy machine gun Tempest are here to stay!
Black Market: here you can roll anything for your hangar!
What else:
Kinetic weapons deal double damage to physical shields;
Noricum: significant impovements in every department;
Raijin: +30% damage to each weapon when in Bastion mode;
UI improvements:
— Faster lock on target - it takes half the time to change target than before;
— Movement pad doesn't support multitouch - same as before;
— Lock on button fixed
Minor balance tweaks:
— Zeus, Aphid, Pinata, Spiral, Hydra, Tempest, Magnum: +5% damage
— Tulumbas, Pin, Gekko, Thunder: -5% damage

Aug 17, 2017
Beacon Rush — new game mode is finally here! Choose where to deploy for even more tactical flexibility!
Please notice that Beacon Rush will be available temporarily at first.
New battle UI — sleek and tidy! Share your feedback — we'll make it even better!
Major robot & weapon rebalance — more power, more speed! Details on
What else:
— Robots turn rate adjusted for a smoother feel;
— Robots are less likely to get stuck and slide on maps;
— New paint jobs for Cossack, Gl.Patton, Fujin & Fury!

Jul 20, 2017
This update includes a major weapon rebalance, which is supposed to put all the mentioned weapons into their place in meta.
— Aphid, Pinata, Magnum & Trebuchet: +5% damage
— Punisher, Molot, Spiral, Orkan, Taran & Hydra: +15% damage
— Molot Mk2: +20% damage
— Punisher Mk2 & Gekko: +25% damage
— Pin & Tulumbas: interval between shots slightly increased
— Minor bug fixes

Jul 4, 2017
"Summer event starts on July 4th at 9AM UTC!
You have time till July 24th 9AM UTC to gather Tokens, open chests and win cool prizes!"
— Take on event tasks to receive two Tempest cannons!
What else:
— New paintjobs for Jesse, Doc, Butch, Stalker and Rhino
—Various map fixes
— Overall game performance improved
Weapon fixes:
— Zeus deals damage more reliably
— Rocket damage is registered properly if the target is moving backwards
— Numerous bug fixes

Jun 1, 2017
— Dream Squad. Bring your friends and get Wild Bunch robots for Influence!
— Gekko buff: new model and 20% damage increase
— Pin, Pinata, Tulumbas tweaks: new model, continuous reload mechanic
— Orkan buff: damage increased by 15%
— Punisher and Punisher Mk2 buffs: damage increased by 10%
— Changes to rating points distribution, including bonuses for capturing beacons
What else:
— Offers: sweet discounts on various items!
— New paintjobs for Lancelot, Natasha and Carnage
— Bug fixes

Apr 25, 2017
War Robots 3rd Anniversary Event! Starts on April 28th.
— Increased gold rewards and presents for everyone!
— Take on special challenges to win Anarchy Rogatka!
What else:
— To the Moon — new map is here!
— Rogatka gets a new model and major buffs to speed (from 48 to 60 km/h) and durability (from 135K to 150K HP). Jump cooldown also reduced (from 10 to 7s)!
— Schutze also looks better now too!
— New paintjobs for Rogatka, Griffin, Leo, Vityaz and Destrier
— Improved performance and visuals on several maps
— Minor bug fixes

Mar 27, 2017
— Machine guns accelerated state: after 3 seconds of continuous fire rate of fire increases (x1.5);
Map rebalance:
— Shenzhen: spawn points location adjusted;
— Yamantau: beacons A and D locations adjusted; cover size increased on one of the bridges;
— Springfield: two spawn points removed, one spawn point location adjusted;
— Paintjobs for Gareth and Galahad
What else:
— Activity points are updated weekly now;
— New ambient sounds on all maps;
— Minor bug fixes

Feb 28, 2017
— Receive rating points and enter more prestigious Leagues;
— Fight with pilots of the same league;
— Take challenges and prove your skills;
— Enter the League of Champions and become a legend!
— Get most recent WR news right in the game!
What else:
— Energy shields received double damage due to a bug — now fixed;
— Ancile and Fujin shields adjusted for a proper post-fix performance;
— Damage increase rate (per level) is now equal for all weapons;
— Missions are replaced with Leagues;
— Minor bug fixes

Jan 26, 2017
Lunar New Year event, Jan 27 till Feb 12
— Battle to collect Coins. Open bigger chests for better prizes
— Fill the event progress bar to win a guaranteed valuable item
— Wild Bunch robots available for Coins
Balance improvements:
— Ability cooldown reduced and animation time reduced: Jesse, Butch
— Speed increased: Jesse, Doc, Butch, Rogatka, Natasha, Gareth
— HP increased: Rogatka, Leo, Vityaz
— Fujin shield HP and regen speed increased
— GEKKO damage increased by 15%
— Ancile regen speed increased
— Zenit reload time decreased to 22sec
— Aphid accuracy slightly decreased
— Orkan reload fixed to begin right after the first shot
— Robot HP per level growth rate revised (under lvl 12)
What else:
— New skins for Fury, Carnage, Fujin, and Golem
— Weapon name prefixes removed for convenience
— KwK 448mm renamed to Nashorn
— Minor bug fixes