Passive modules in War Robots Update 4.6

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Passive modules in War Robots Update 4.6

Post by Galahad » Wed Jan 16, 2019 1:09 am

Modules in War Robots Update 4.6

There are Active and Passive modules
Passive modules are like weapons, but you can't shoot from them. Instead, they give your robots perks that trigger in certain situations
Passive modules are upgraded in the same queue with other equipment
Active modules give you new active abilities. They are free but require power cells for every activation
All robots come with Armor Kit and Nuclear Reactor modules equipped by default
You cannot unequip Active modules at this point. Repair Unit module always comes pre-installed
Every robot has a certain number of active and passive module slots. They are locked by default and unlock as you level up your robot (check in the game)

Passive Modules
You can buy Passive modules for Gold and upgrade them for Silver like any other equipment.

Some passive modules increase your stats. Others are more skill-based: you should think fast and act smart to make the most out of their perks.

Armor Kit / Heavy Armor Kit
+ Nuclear Reactor / Thermonuclear Reactor

Armor Kit increases the robot's durability
Nuclear Reactor increases damage for all weapons
Armor Kit and Nuclear Reactor come with all robots by default.

Heavy Armor Kit and Thermonuclear Reactor are improved versions of these modules. They take more resources to buy and upgrade while giving more bonuses.
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Battle Born
Your robots receive significantly less damage after deploying on a spawn point (for a short duration)

NB: the resistance amount scales non-linearly (details below)

Last Stand
After your robots' durability goes below a certain threshold, it becomes invincible for a short duration
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