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Revenant - War Robots

Post by warbot » Mon Jun 26, 2023 6:06 am

Revenant: The Teleporting Tank of War Robots

Revenant is a medium robot that can teleport directly to the enemy and activate a powerful defense system. In this article, we will explore the ability, strategy, threat measure and counterplay of Revenant.

Ability of Revenant
Revenant’s ability is called Aggressive Blink. It can only be used when Revenant is locked-on to an enemy within 350 meters. Upon activation, Revenant removes any negative effects currently inflicted upon it, such as suppression, lockdown, freeze, blast or EMP. It also gains immunity to these effects for the rest of the ability duration.

Then, Revenant teleports in front of the enemy it was locked on to, a process taking 2 seconds. When in front of the enemy, Revenant’s ability lasts for 10 seconds, then enters a cooldown phase of 18 seconds. While its ability is active, Revenant gains 90% resistance to losing hull integrity, which means that most of the damage Revenant takes while in its ability can be repaired by healing modules, pilot skills, drones or robots. This includes damage inflicted by the Scatter, Havoc and Devastator weapons, which would usually be irreparable by the former.

Revenant also features two quite durable side-mounted physical shields each on either side of its hull. Being physical shields, they can absorb energy projectiles, but take double damage from kinetic projectiles and are bypassed entirely by flamethrower and splash weapons while still taking damage from them12.

Strategy of Revenant
Revenant is an excellent initiator of fights, designed to ambush enemies, destroy them in one salvo and repair itself afterwards. However, Revenant’s ability lacks a failsafe button, meaning that if it fails to complete its primary objective during its ability, it cannot retreat or deploy resistances and instead relies on only its dual physical shields for protection until its next ability period.

Therefore, Revenant players should choose their targets wisely and avoid engaging multiple enemies at once. They should also use cover and terrain to their advantage and avoid exposing their flanks or rear to enemy fire. Revenant works best with weapons that have high burst damage and short reload time, such as Devastator/Scatter/Havoc or Thunder/Punisher/Punisher.

Revenant can also be used as a beacon runner or a support robot, using its teleportation to surprise enemies or assist allies in need. However, Revenant should not be used as a frontline brawler or a tanky robot, as it lacks sustained durability and firepower.

Revenant Threat Measure
Revenant is a high threat robot that can pose a serious challenge to most enemies. Its teleportation ability allows it to bypass enemy defenses and catch them off guard. Its high resistance and immunity to negative effects make it very hard to kill while its ability is active. Its physical shields also provide some protection from energy weapons.

However, Revenant is not invincible and has some weaknesses that can be exploited by smart enemies. Its teleportation ability has a long cooldown and can only target one enemy at a time. Its resistance does not protect it from grey damage (damage that bypasses resistance), such as from Titans or drones. Its physical shields are vulnerable to kinetic weapons and splash damage.

Therefore, Revenant’s threat level depends on several factors, such as:

The number of enemies it faces
The type of weapons they use
The availability of cover and terrain
The presence of allies or enemies with healing abilities
The timing and positioning of its teleportation

Counterplay Revenant
Revenant can be countered by several strategies and tactics that can reduce its effectiveness or even kill it. Some of these are:

Using grey damage sources: Titans, drones or weapons like Nucleon or Quarker can deal grey damage that bypasses Revenant’s resistance and immunity.
Using kinetic weapons: Kinetic weapons deal double damage to physical shields and can break them quickly.
Using splash damage: Splash damage can hit Revenant behind its shields or even when it teleports.
Using flamethrowers: Flamethrowers can bypass Revenant’s shields and deal damage over time, reducing its healing potential.
Using lockdown or suppression: Lockdown or suppression can prevent Revenant from activating its ability or teleporting, making it vulnerable to enemy fire.
Using stealth or phase shift: Stealth or phase shift can make Revenant lose its lock-on and waste its ability or teleport to a wrong location.
Using teamwork: Teamwork can overwhelm Revenant with multiple enemies or support allies with healing or defense.
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